Skanking all over the world!

Don’t let the bastards grind you down!

N e w Y o r k C i t y – Die Toasters sind mal wieder eine dieser Bands, die eigentlich viel bekannter sein müssten, schließlich handelt es sich hierbei um eine der dienstältesten amerikanischen Ska-Bands! Wer die Truppe rund um Sänger, Gitarrist und Mastermind Buck schon mal live erlebt hat, kann bestimmt bestätigen, dass Alter hier nicht veraltet, sondern geht-ab-wie-Sau bedeutet. Darum haben wir uns den guten alten Bucket geschnappt und ihm ein paar Fragen gestellt…

S: You became a skinhead in 1969 when your were 12 years old. What was it like back in the time the skinhead-movement started.

B: Well, I was following around my bigger brother who was also into it. At that time there was the Trojan explosion going on, so there was all kinds of reggae and ska in the radio. Back then we used to dress in whatever we could get our hands on. The modern conception of what skinheads wear doesn’t really conform to what was actually available at the time.

S: You have a 20-year-jubilee this year. Can you remeber the time it all began and your first gig at the CBGB’s in ’81?
B: Yeah, we made $22, it was on a tuesday night. Since that there have been about 3500 more concerts!!
S: What was the funniest moment in your band’s history?
B: Breaking down in the no mans land between est- and west-berlin and having to push the van into berlin. As said on your concert, is it true you’re not playing for money but for ass? Haha..You’d better ask Ruby and Sledge about that. Free beer is always good.
S: What are your favourite bands beside ska-music?
B: Mostly soul and blues. I also like african music, like Sunny Ade and so.
S: Five records would you advise someone who is „new“ in ska-music?
B: The Specials – anything
Harder They Come Soundtrack
Club Ska 67
Skanking Round The World Vol.1
Toots And The Maytals
S: Your own label Moon-Ska had to give up. Are there plans for a new one?
B: Not yet. I’m stil getting over that!!
S: Tell us about your new album. When will it released and what can we expect?
B: It will be released in may. It should be what you’d expect from a Toasters album. Varied styles of songs both fast and slow.
S: If you had three wishes, what would they be?
B: 1.) To have enough money to retire and just play when i felt like it
2.) Plymouth Argyle win the FA Cup
3.) Budweiser goes out of business
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