Stylerkarren-Special: Interview mit Roger Miret

Roger Miret_shreddermag

Dieses Mal gibt’s keine Stylerkarre, sondern wir haben Roger Miret interviewt, der neben seiner Tätigkeit als Hardcore-Legende und Frontman von Agnostic Front auch noch maßgeblich am New Yorker Autoclub “The Rumblers” beteiligt ist, und in seiner Freizeit gerne an seinen Karren rumschraubt.

S: What was your first car?

RM: My 1st car was a 1966 Dodge Duster.

S: What cars do you own today?

RM: Today I own a 1950 Ford Custom and a 1932 Chevy Hot Rod Coupe.

S: Tell us about the rumblers.

RM: The Rumblers CC is greaser rock n roll club with no cars later than 1965. We consider ourselves Hot Rod Hooligans. Check out the website at

S: Ever thought of buying a 2002 model? What would it be?

RM: Probably the new Renault Mini.

S: What is your personal dreamcar?

RM: I own it already. 1932 Hot Rod Coupe.

S: Horsepower – how much is enough?

RRM: realistically, it all depends on what weight it needs to push. I am very happy with my vintage Rocket 303 engine in my ’32 Coupe.

S: What do you think is the fascination in cars?

RM: I am a motorhead. I always loved bikes and cars. That is why I work for Harley Davidson also. I just like the outcast lifestyle and the attitude that these bad ass machines reflect Hardcore!

S: Automatic or manual transmission?

RM: Manual.