The Freaks are out…

Shredder Mag we got a problem!

M a l m ö – Ja, ja, wir wissen es ja auch, Synthesizer haben auf Punk-Alben nichts zu suchen und die Kreuzung von elektronischer Musik und Gitarren geht meist grob in die Hose. Wir präsentieren Euch hier die Ausnahme: Quit Your Dayjob aus dem guten alten Schweden. Jonass (voc, git), Andreass (drums) und Marcuss (synth) sind vor ein paar Jahren ausgezogen, um mit Ihrer Mischung aus Punk mit knappen und leicht dadaistischen Slogans und elektronischen Sounds die Welt du erfreuen, was ihnen sowohl auf Platte, wie auch live hervorragend gelingt. Wir haben die jungen Herren mal etwas näher befragt:

S: How would you describe your music and what’s your mission?

Q: We call it „Retard Rock“. It´s kind of childish and disturbed. It sounds simple but it´s not… It´s hard to make good „shit music“, people tend to forget that sometimes… We try to get people in touch with their inner Freak and make them come alive by acting like children or like retards!

S: Where are you from? Is it true, that Marcuss is the lost son of Robert Görl and Gaby Delago (from the german early-Electro-Punks DAF), Andreass is a robot and Jonass simply comes form outer space?

Q: Marcass is the bastard son of Barbara Bush and Andreas Baader, born in Serbia! Andreass used to be a professional long-distance skier in the cold north of Sweden, that´s why he looks like a mean russian robot on steroids! Jonass can´t be from space; we´ve heard he´s from the ghetto of Mollevangen, Malmö… he was homeless for two years!

S: What are your dayjobs?

Q: We have never been able to keep a dayjob for more than four weeks. That´s why we have to work nights now. The music industry is the only business that supply us with work!

S: What are your favourite bands?

Q: We actually hate music in this band, haha… No, seriously, we like Billie Holiday, Screamin´Jay Hawkins, Kraftwerk, Public Enemy, Gang Starr, Samantha Fox, Dead Kennedys and Faust and a couple of others…

S: What’s the secret of your energetic life performance? Practice, drugs, plain talent…?

Q: We stopped taking drugs five years ago when we formed Quit Your Dayjob… we believe in treating our performance like a 100 meter race, we explode, accelerate and try to break the world record. We are very disciplined when it comes to playing live, we are good musicians and we rehearse a lot and we have fun, that´s the explanation. A lot of bands seem to have the worst time of their life when they´re on stage… why?

S: Do you hate pandas?

Q: No! But a lot of governments seem to treat their people very bad… now you can figure out what our song „Pissing on a panda“ is about!?

S: What will be the next step with the band?

Q: We release our new album „Sweden we got a problem“ on Bad Taste Records in august and then we will start the „Europe we got a problem tour 2005/06“. Hopefully we can pay the rent after that…

S: One last message to our readers, please!

Q: You´re all invited to sign up for the Quit Your Dayjob Army Of Freaks in the fight against everyday boredom! See you soon! Freak out!