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S t o c k h o l m – Falls ihr die schwedische Band nine. noch nicht kennt, hier die letzte Gelegenheit sie kennen zu lernen bevor skandinavische Hardcore-Krone an sich reißen und das nächste mal hier nur noch im Olympiastadion auftreten. Im März erscheint ihr drittes Album auf Burning Heart, aber lest selbst was uns der Gitarrist der Band – Benjamin Valle – verriet…

S: Where are you from and how is the hardcore-scene there?
BV: We are from Linköping and Stockholm, Sweden. Wow, we (Linköping) used to have, together with Umeå, the largest underground music scene, involving punk, hardcore and metal. Ever heard of OUTLAST 1994-1998? Or Raped Teenagers 1985-1991? Today we have bands like Nine (we´ve been around since 1994), Witchery (members from Haunted, Merciful Fate and Seance) and Satanic Slaughter. And a whole bunch of other bands. We have a label called Bridge records wich is run by Johan (nine) and Henrik (Outlast nowadays in Dead end).
S: You had a song on Burning Hearts „Cheap Shots IV„-sampler. It was a teaser for your new album, which should be recorded last fall. How was the recording and when will it be released?
BV: Yes, the song Carnage… We recorded the new album, LIGHTS OUT, in Soundlab studios during September, the studio of Mieszko (Nasum) and Mattias (Millencolin). It contains 10 songs. We have a shit load of special appearences such as Tomas from At the gates. It will be released February 24:th in Scandinavia and March 15:th worldwide.
S: How does your new album sound? Are there new developments in certain directions?
BV: Well as you can hear on the Cheap Shots 4 comp. the sound is a bit more rock-ish and I think it´s a good example of the new record. What will the songs be about? Will they have a more personal oder social character? Well a bit of both as usual. I write about things that affect me and my surroundings. Personal and social things.
S: When will you play in germany next time?
BV: Well, we’re going on a Scandinavian tour with The Haunted and Nasum in March, so maybe sometime during May-June… We’ll see, but we’ll be there for sure sometime this year!!