Interview – Entombed


Da ein Satanismus-Special nichts taugt, solange die schwedische Death-Metal-Legende Entombed nicht zu Wort kommt, haben wir uns schnell Jörgen Sandström, den Bassisten der Band, vorgeknöpft, um ihm ein paar Fragen zu stellen…

S: After the school massacre in Erfurt 2001 media blamed computer games and metal bands once again. Your band’s name could be read, too. What do you think about this?

JS: I think it´s sad that they always blame culture movements when a tragedy like this happens. If it really was computer games or music that made such things happen, we would have kids running around killing people every single day of the week! The ones who claims such things should look into how the kid grew up and what their parents had done to the kid at first. No one that is sane will do such a thing just because of music of computer games.

S: A lot of people love Bryan Adams and say Entombed was no music. How can we get them to listen to the real stuff?

JS: I don’t want them to listen to us in the first place.

S: Do you like so called „new metal“?

JS: No, not really.

S: What are your three favourite albums besides metal?

JS: Hmm.. Bob Marley „Catch a fire“, Ice Cube „The Predator“ and The soundtrack to The Omen movie.

S: If you had to choose: KISS or Judas Priest?

JS: Judas Priest

S: After „Uprising“ I thought maximum is reached, but than the great „Morning Star“ rised and kicked the teeth out of my face. What will happen on your next album? Harder, faster, darker…?

JS: Most definetely!!

S: What is the most blasphemous sentence you can imagine?

JS: Anything religious.