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C a l i f o r n i e n – Das Jahr 2003 war kein leichtes für die Generators: Gleich mehrere Band-mitglieder hatten persönliche Krisen zu überwinden, ein Gitarrist wurde ausgetauscht, eine Tour musste abgesagt werden und man spielte gerademal 13 Konzerte. Dennoch schrieb und ver-öffentlichte die Band das großartige Album „Excess Betrayal… And Our Dearly Departed“ und wie es scheint kommt sie nun gestärkt aus der Krise. Lest selbst, was Doug (voc), Doosky (git), Danny (git) und Dirty Ernie (drums) zu berichten haben:

S: What’s the generators‘ personal background? Where did you all stand, when the generators were founded?

Doug: I was in The Doo’s Garage wondering what the hell am I doing in here, and hoping it would sound cool. I had no job, I was drinking a lot of beer and really lazy. We started writing songs, and I had a good feeling about it so we all stayed, and seven years later here we are still called The Generators.

Doo: It was early 1997, I was this 18 year old kid who loved the old band „Schleprock“ an I knew I could play a mean guitar, I was a neighborhood kid that grew up knowing Dirty Ernie. When the time came, he wanted me in the band, and it happened! I had a ton of ambition in those days.

Danny: I’m new to the band, I joined in time for the development of „Excess Betrayal…“. Mike Snow had left the band, I’m the Doo’s brother, and he called me up to be the other guitar.

Dirty Ernie: Doug and I (Schleprock) where consumed by the ferocious ravinous conglomerate called Warner Bros. Records which devored and spit out our bones out like a chicken carcous.The Generators was an instinctual reaction like a beaten dog backed into a corner, naturally it will attack accordingly. As it has turns out it has been the most fulfiling project, personally.

S: Why is your great current album only available in europe?

Doug: Excess, Betrayal, and Our Dearly Departed was only released in Europe, because it is on a People Like You Records, which is based in Germany. It is distributed in The U.S.A through Cargo Records. It is a European Release.

Doo: …and cuz most U.S. labels want full „world-wide“ right to a record, the euro label had the money to put us up, the american labels were getting weak and not so supportive, not that they didn’t want to be, but I don’t think they could afford it, or us for that matter.

S: There’s a lot of progress in your current album. How will the next one sound and when will it come out?

Doug: We are currently writing a new record, and getting ready to play a lot of shows this spring, and summer in The USA. The new songs are sounding killer. Last year was a fucked up year for us, but we are rebounding and things are much better. We will go and record a new record late summer 2004, for a big Punk label here in the U.S. We also apologize to all European fans for cancelled tours, and shows!

Doo: Yeah, last year was bad, but alot of songwriting was happening in my bedroom during our „fucked up“ period, so th new record will still carry what „Excess Betrayal…“ delivers, but more versatile and I guess our music just matures as we go on… we’re good at that!

S: What show in germany did you enjoy most?

Danny: I thought the „Full Force Festival“ was fun, huge stage! Plenty of room for all of us to move, they also had a really good food tent and we got free Red Bull and vodkas. (pointing at the Doo)

Doo: I liked the Full Force Festival… damn was I fucking drunk… alot of people though… I was very cool and the crowd was very into it. I like alot of the western european shows. They’re just better all the way around.

Dirty Ernie: So far professionally the „Full Force“ fest, personnally „Wild at heart“ always a kick ass show the smoke, the heat, the sweat, the frantic release. It’s hard to say because we just scratched thesurface with „The Bones“ I think The bones and The Generators could cause some serious damage, it was like being on tour with AC/DC for a moment!!

S: What are your personal Top5-records ever?

Dirty Ernie: Damn, I can only list five, huh? OK. Sweet -Desolation Boulevard; Rocket From The Crypt – Sceam, Dracula, Scream!; The Clash – London Calling; Pegboy – Strong Reation / Three Chord Monte; Blondie – Eat to the Beat;

Doug: The Clash – Give Em‘ Enough Rope; Cheap Trick – Live At Budakon; Angelic Upstarts – 2 Million Voices; AC/DC – Back In Black; Sex Pistols ­ Never Mind The Bullocks;

Doo: The Beatles – Abbey Road, Guns’n’Roses – Appetite For Destruction, Oasis – Definitely Maybe; Hanoi Rocks – Bangkok Shocks…; The Damned – Machine Gin Etiquette;

Danny: The Damned – Machine Gun Etiquette; Generation X – Generation X; T.S.O.L. – Dance With Me; Nick Cave – Henry’s Dream, , T.S.O.L.; Hanoi Rocks – Bangkok Shocks…

S: How should a „generated“ world look?

Dirty Ernie: I’ll take this one!

Danny: Read the prepared statement, „senator“.

Dirty Ernie: (clearing his throat) A generated world would stand on it’s own a culture within a culture where everyone would have a outlet and voice, more of exchange of ideas across borders musically and politcally, I think it could happen If the Generators were elected, oh ya also there would be more ventalation in german clubs… Thank you, Dirty Ernie.

S: What was the gladest and what the sadest moment in the generators‘ history?

Dirty Ernie: Touring Germany, the appreciation of fans and there understanding of any direction we choose to take.

Doug: Yes, I agree with Ernie. But,… 2002-2003 was a horrible year for us as a band, and as people. The whole year was a low, and now we are trying to go back to the great times we had before. For me there is no one moment of greatness. It has been a lot of great times over the years.

Doo: Yup, 2002-2003, we were musically there, but not mentally… we should have blown the doors open with the new album… but I think the fact that we are still making records and are still together is our gladest moment!

S: A last massage for your readers?

Doo: Get generated today!!!